The full-length documentary is now available to watch on Vimeo, with or without English subtitles.

El grito de Yanga: Una película de Veracruz (English subtitles) from Daniel Pike

El grito de Yanga: una película de Veracruz from Daniel Pike

El grito de Yanga Trailer from Keith Cartwright

Screening in Yanga, Veracruz.
Mayor Apolinar Crivelli of Yanga, Veracruz, with Dolores Flores-Silva and the artist Óscar Malagón

The City of Yanga presented the documentary, El Grito de Yanga, on Saturday, November 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the Social Hall of the Municipal Palace. Dr. Flores-Silva presented the research reflected in the documentary. You can read the full article here or here.

Dolores Flores-Silva with Mayor of Ciudad Mendoza
Dolores Flores-Silva with Mayor Melitón Reyes Larios of Ciudad Mendoza, Veracruz

The City of Ciudad Mendoza presented the documentary, El Grito de Yanga, on Wednesday, January 9 at 6:00 p.m. in the Municipal Palace. Dr. Flores-Silva presented the research reflected in the documentary. You can read the articles here, here, and here.

El grito de Yanga
(Yanga's Freedom Cry)

A Documentary from Veracruz
Directed by Dolores Flores-Silva and Keith Cartwright
Filmed and Produced by Daniel Pike

On the Gulf Coast of the colony of New Spain, an African maroon leader named Yanga led a powerful resistance struggle against slavery. There in the mountains of Veracruz from the 1570s to 1609, Yanga’s community of cimarrones forced the Spanish to recognize their freedom and their rights to govern their own town and farm the land. Yanga won. Today the Mexican town of Yanga proudly proclaims itself the first free town in colonial America.

El grito de Yanga tells a story of the pueblo and its founding leader, presenting its Mexican audience with a presence often ignored in popular depictions of Aztecs, Spaniards, and mestizaje. These voices from Veracruz also challenge a US audience to think freshly about race, freedom, public monuments, and borders of identity. Organized around interviews in the town of Yanga and its surrounding sugar-producing region, Yanga’s Freedom Cry resounds with the landscape, people, and music of central Veracruz — key to Mexico’s third root… the African root.

In Spanish with English subtitles
25 minutes

El grito de Yanga Poster


El grito de Yanga CD
DVD of El grito de Yanga

Screenings of El grito de Yanga/Yanga’s Freedom Cry


Nov 1, Birmingham, Alabama (USA), South Atlantic Modern Language Association

Nov 17, Yanga, Veracruz (MEX), Ayuntamiento de Yanga, Veracruz


Jan 9, Mendoza, Veracruz (MEX), Ayuntamiento de Ciudad Mendoza, Veracruz

Feb 22, Jacksonville, Florida (USA), International Studies Seminar, University of North Florida

May 17, Puebla, Puebla (MEX), II Congreso Internacional Luz, Ciencia y Arte, facultad de ciencias Físico-Matamáticas,  Benemérita Univ. Autónoma de Puebla

June 7, Santa Marta (COLOMBIA), Film Track, 44th Annual Caribbean Studies Association Conference

Sept 25, Cholula, Puebla (MEX), Departamento de Antropología, Universidad de las Americas Puebla

Nov 7, Salem, Virginia (USA), Roanoke College, Department of Modern Languages


Feb 15, St. Augustine, Florida (USA), Corazon Cinema and Café

Feb 20, Oxford, Mississippi (USA), Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi

Apr 1, Jacksonville, Florida (USA), (POSTPONED) Robinson Theater, Movies on the House, University of North Florida

April 5, New Orleans, Louisiana (USA), (CANCELED) Multiethnic Literatures of the United States Annual Conference

April 7, Havana (CUBA), (CANCELED) Festival Internacional de Música y Poesía, Fundación Nicolás Guillén

April 23 or 24 (TBD), Campeche (MEX), (POSTPONED) XXII Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Mexicana de Estudios del Caribe


Deep Listening Trio

Deep Listening Trio

El Sur Profundo

Alternative Soundings of the South
The Dolores Flores-Silva Deep Listening Trio, Dolores Flores-Silva, Keith Cartwright, and Rosemary Mulligan.